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Check out our Facility Calendar to see what's happening on any particular day at Alaska Dog Sports!

See our sport (agility, rally, etc.) Run Thru opportunities scheduled on Friday nights - these are drop in style opportunities to practice with your dog!

What Is Alaska Dog Sports?

Alaska Dog Sports is a private training facility that specializes in working with dogs and their people to build better communication and working partnerships.


Established in 1998, we've built a strong reputation for providing positive, motivational training for canines and their companions.  We focus on the relationship and helping your dog get it 'right'. Our positive and practical lesson plans are designed to take you through the process step by step.


Whether you want a better behaved companion or get the bug to go on and learn about competition sports like Agility, Obedience, Rally or Nose Work we're here to help.


The instructors here were hand chosen for their skill and abilities with humans and dogs. We're very proud of our 15+ year program and commitment to helping people learn to communicate better with their canine companions.


 Alaska Dog Sports is an approved mentor training facility for the Animal Behavior College.

Alaska Dog Sports

Mission, Philosophy & Guiding Principles

Mission:  To better the lives of canines and their companions through relationship-based training.

Philosophy:  At Alaska Dog Sports we believe every canine should enjoy a healthy, happy relationship with their human companion.  Dog training is about developing a relationship between dog and handler, and learning to successfully communicate despite the differences in styles between humans and dogs. We believe that training can and should be fun and rewarding for both the dog and its handler. 

Guiding Principles:

 No discrimination based on breed type.

 There are no 'bad' dogs.  Some dogs may not fit every class situation, therefore we will strive to find the best fit for each dog to address its own unique training needs.

  Every dog is an individual.  Each dog has its own unique personality and characteristics based on breed type, background, environment, and support systems.  Dogs respond differently to various training methods.  There is no 'one size fits all' training.

 The best relationships are built on communication, trust and respect. 

 Dogs thrive when provided consistent structure, guidance and leadership.  Leadership is NOT synonymous with dominance, force or fear. Leadership is "having the ability to lead" or "the act of leading, guiding, directing."

 Training success is directly proportionate to the handler's ability to understand dog behavior, set realistic goals, apply consistent training over sustained periods of time, and the level of communication achieved between dog and handler.

If you have questions about our classes, schedule or training program please review our website, visit our FAQ page, or see our Contact Us page.

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